• MCToad

    MC Toad at its core is a network based system that Monitor & Controls SMART scriptable WIFI and wired network devices. These devices are used to deliver end to end lighting and interactive technology based things. MC Toad is an easy to use SMART space management system.

  • Escape Rooms
    Escape Rooms

    MC Toad is an adaptable technology platform tailored for the Escape Room industry... bringing together all the technology pieces into one unified solution.

  • Technology Eco Pond
    Technology Eco Pond

    MC Toad's monitoring and control system creates and manages a SMART space habitat (we call it the MC Toad Pond) by collaborating with a variety of 'thing oriented adaptive devices' (Toads). Each TOAD device is designed to support its own respective part of the SMART space pond. Each unit is referred to as a Tadpole, Firefly, Lillypad or other product that reflects its function and place in the MC Toad eco system.

... it is a SMART wifi software/hardware eco-system for adaptive monitoring & control of interactive spaces - use your smart device or computer to script scenarios;

... excitingly configurable (perfect for hobbyists to start to integrate with their existing technology);

... easily scaleable (capable of big and small projects): room escapes; adventure mazes; walk-thru attractions; laser arenas;  any space where interaction and control is required.



Since 1991 - the team at VEQTOR has been designing, building and installing interactive, themed electronics that enhance visitor attractions to make them more compelling and entertaining.

VEQTOR products are manufactured by its subsidiary and associated companies since the late 1980s. The first products manufactured for the leisure and amusement industry were interactive laser games (laser tag) and shooting galleries.

Various companies have marketed these successful products produced by VEQTOR under their own labels during the 1990s including: Actual Reality, PULSAR, Laser FORCE UK, Laser Action, Laser Runner, and Laser Chaser. This rich product history has resulted in some of TODAY'S finest interactive laser shooting and target based products. 

For more information contact the UK office on +44 (0) 1428-685660

or email info@veqtor.co.uk

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  • CEO
    Jonathan Plaché
    VEQTOR UK founder and head engineer
  • Director
    Roanne Plaché
    Production Director 
    Founder and head of production
  • Director
    Sasha Plaché
    Projects Director
    Chief co-ordinator and marketing